Friday, April 25, 2014

Disney Day 2

On our second day we woke up early to spend the day at Animal Kingdom.  

Mia and Kayla woke up and went to say good morning to GiGi and Bear.  On their way they found a note and some goodies in their purses.  

We read the note to them and they couldn't believe that it was from Tinker Bell!  It seemed as if Tinker Bell had swooped in while they were sleeping and left them this note and some tinker treats for their day.  (She did this each morning!)  We got ready and packed up our bookbags and new treats from Tinker Bell and we walked to the food court at our resort for breakfast.

Mia loved holding the door for us and the new people she met all week.  She also loved telling everyone she met that her tooth was loose.  Before we knew it when Kayla would meet new people she would say "Did you know my sister's tooth is loose."  We joke now that we need to go back to Disney World so they can tell everyone that Mia has lost two of her loose teeth.  After breakfast we walked to the bus station to catch the bus to Animal Kingdom.  

Mia and daddy had a smiling contest!

The girls loved riding the bus each day.

We arrived at AK. It was a warm and sunny day to spend with the animals!

The first attraction we went to was the 3D Bug's Life.  This was one of the only attractions that M and K weren't crazy about.  The bugs + 3D was a little scary for them so we stayed away from 3D attractions the rest of the week.  

After The Bug's Life show we got in line for the Safari ride.

We all enjoyed this safari ride and saw some of our favorite animals.

We ate lunch at Tusker House with these characters...

It was a delicious meal!  We were very impressed with the meals we had in Disney.  They had so much variety and the food was delicious.

We went to an amazing musical Finding Nemo show!  We were totally amazed by the shows we saw.  The shows were a number 1 highlight for most of us! They were all so different, elaborate and very entertaining.  

Then it was time for the Jammin' Jungle parade!  Another fun parade!

After the parade we went to a magnificent interactive Lion King show.  We really enjoyed the music and acrobatics.  It's hard to describe in words or capture in pictures just how amazing these shows are.  They are spectacular!

We spent a great day together with these two little animals at Animal Kingdom!!  
We left AK and caught the bus back to our resort.

We changed and walked to the main pool at the resort.  (Enough pictures mom, let's go swim! ~Mia)

We loved walking around the resort. 

The girls LOVED this pool.  They enjoyed jumping in and out of the water and the water slides were a huge hit all week.  They spent so much time on the slides. The pool was so refreshing after the hot days. After some swimming we went home and got ready to spend the night at Magic Kingdom.

We gathered the glow sticks and glow jewelry that Tinker Bell left and boarded the bus to MK.

We got there just in time for the electrical parade.  It was fun to see a parade at night.

After the parade we enjoyed the fireworks.

We watched the fireworks right outside of Princess Fairy tale Hall in Fantasyland.  As soon as the fireworks were over we went directly to meet more princesses!  There was no line for any of them and since there were few people there to see them, the princesses got to spend extra time talking to and dancing with Mia and Kayla.  Meeting, hugging, talking with, and dancing with their favorite princesses had them smiling from ear to ear.  This was so special and memorable to them. 

Aurora was Mia's first favorite princess and both girls still love that she wears the pink dress.

After meeting some of their favorite princesses we grabbed a snack and went on a car ride before heading home to rest up for our next day.

Another magical Disney Day with our two little princesses!

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