Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Disney Day 1

{On our trip we took over 1,000 pictures to document the memories of Disney together.  
Here are some of our favorites!}

We were ready from head to toe to head to the airport on our trip to Disney World!

A bright and chipper Minnie Kayla at 3:30 am!

Our drive to the airport went well and before we knew it we were at our gate waiting to fly out!

Disney Bound... First Time Mouseketeers!

M and K's first airplane ride went great!  They loved the new experience.  Mia kept saying "blast off!" and Kayla repeated "We did it!'' over and over.  On the ride they enjoyed looking out the window, coloring in their activity books and listening to music on the ipad.  

We landed in Orlando, got our bags and boarded the Magical Express to our resort.  We stayed at the Caribbean Beach resort.  GiGi and Bear stayed in the room right next to us.  We checked into our rooms and got ready for our first trip to Magic Kingdom.

When we arrived at Magic Kingdom we were greeted by lots of Disney fall decorations.  We really liked visiting during this time of year.  When we first got to the Magic Kingdom we walked towards the castle and were greeted by our first magical show.  The expressions on the girls' faces as they began to understand the Disney experience were priceless.

All the shows were definitely a highlight for all of us.

Kayla in awe of her favorites!

We went under the sea to journey with The Little Mermaid.

And Ariel was the first princess we met!   She's at the top of their list!

Dumbo was our first ride.  We were excited that there was no line.  We were surprised that on this trip we rarely had to wait in long lines which meant extra time to enjoy.

Off to make memories.

M and K got to experience their first Disney parade and the parades became a quick favorite with them.  This was the A Dream Came True parade.  Mia and Kayla gave a lot of high fives to the characters and blew lots of kisses to the princesses.

Disney love all around!

Umbrella stroller and bookbags were like a part of our family this week.

We hopped on the monorail to the Polynesian resort for our first dinner at Ohana.  We enjoyed a delicious family style Hawaiian dinner.  

The girls learned how to hula and played some Hawaiian themed games.

They also learned how to do a coconut broom race.

After a fun first day dinner we went back to our resort to unpack and rest up for Disney Day 2!

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