Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Disney Day 3

Day 3 was extra special... Mia and Kayla got the royal treatment!

Ready for Day 3!

On the bus to Magic Kingdom.  We were so excited for this special morning and afternoon for our girls.  Little did they know what was in store for them!  

We arrived at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and Mia and Kayla's eyes lit up!  They love to dress as princesses and be pampered.  They spot the princess dresses and quickly found one that they loved.  Mia chose Tianna and Kayla chose Tinker Bell and GiGi and Bear treated them to a new princess dress.

Then, it was time for their pampering session.  The girls loved getting their hair done. They both chose a princess bun up do.   

After getting their hair done it was time for make up and nails.  M and K loved chatting with their stylists.  After over and hour of princess pampering it was time for the reveal!

Every princess needs fairy dust!

Look closely in each picture and you can see a proud daddy!

For the entire pampering session the girls were faced away from the mirror... their expressions once they were twirled around were priceless!

This was such a fun experience for our girls.  They each spent over and hour getting pampered and treated like a princess and they loved every minute of it!

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo... May all your wishes come true.

M and K loved their new look and loved spending the rest of the day as a princess and fairy.

A lucky daddy...

The king of our castle!

After the boutique we went to see Enchanted Tales with Belle.  Mia volunteered and was chosen to be part of the show and she performed great!  

After the show and meeting Belle we continued adventuring through Magic Kingdom.

Peter Pan found our Tinker Bell!

It was time for ''It's a small world'' which was loved by all.

We took a snack break. The Disney snacks were too cute and tasty!

We met Chip and Dale!

And stopped for some pictures with the castle in the background.

This pretty much sums up Mia's thoughts about Disney World.  

We hopped on the monorail and traveled to Epcot.

We enjoyed some cultural music.

Then it was time for our late lunch reservation in Norway with the princesses!

M and K would hug each princess after they met them.  

We enjoyed a great lunch together

as Mia and Kayla got to meet, 




and pose with their favorites.

The princess procession was adorable.  The princesses all lined up and strolled around the restaurant in line while waving and smiling to the guests.  

After the princess lunch, GiGi and Bear took the girls back to the resort for a late dinner and marshmallow roasting.  Jason and I went on a Disney Date night in Epcot to experience the Food and Wine Festival.

We loved walking around and experiencing all the varied music from the different countries and tasting all the cultural drinks and appetizers.  What a unique date night!  

We did wine and beer tasting.

We saw the GoGo's in concert and went and saw lots of different bands playing throughout Epcot.

And walked around and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

At the end of the night we saw a fabulous light and fireworks show over the water called Illuminations: Reflections of Earth.  Completely amazing!

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