Friday, January 18, 2013

Christmas Morning

Jason and I woke up and saw that Santa had come.  We waited patiently on the couch listening to Christmas music while waiting for our sleepyheads to wake up.  Mia got up around 9:30 so we woke up Kayla and they were excited to go downstairs! We had never seen so much pink in one room!  GiGi and Bear came over to watch the girls open their gifts and we exchanged our gifts with them too.  Jason made us western style eggs for breakfast.  Uncle RyRy woke up really early and stayed on skype for two hours watching the girls open their gifts.

Kayla was so surprised at all the gifts.  She especially liked her new pretend keys and phone, leap pad, sesame street house and characters and her baby dolls, gear, and accessories.  She kept saying "oh my gosh" and wanted to open up everything right away. 

Mia could not believe her new gifts and kept saying "How did Santa know just what I love?" Her new microphone with stand and guitar became a fast favorite.  They traveled with us wherever we went over the next few days.  She of course was thrilled with anything princess related!  She can't wait for warmer weather to try out her new scooter.  Mia and Kayla exchanged a gift too that they had each picked out and wrapped for each other and this was really special for them.

GiGi and Bear loved their new gifts and so did Jason and I!  Jason also took a liking to Mia's new microphone.

We enjoyed a fun festive Christmas morning together.

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