Saturday, January 19, 2013


Georgie (short for Georgine), our elf came back to spend December with us again this year.  Mia and Kayla were so into her this year!  They were more interested in Georgie than in Santa.  Georgie wasn't into tricks or mischief this year, she just always managed to find a high spot to spend her days out of little sister's reach.   The first thing Mia and Kayla would do in the morning would be to find where she was.  Mia even prayed to Georgie to bring GiGi and Bear an elf.  Her prayer was answered and one day when M and K went to GiGi and Bear's house there was Frankie!  They were beyond excited and surprised.

The first day that Georgie arrived Mia left her a note, some water, a teddy bear, picture and a cracker.  Georgie is one loved elf!  Thanks for bringing so much fun to our girls this year!

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