Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas princesses, Mia and Kayla, were very excited for Christmas Eve.  They got dressed in their fancy Christmas dresses and posed in front of our tree.   

Mia even snapped a few pictures before we left.

We arrived at GiGi and Bear's for our annual Christmas Eve celebration with our family.

We enjoyed a nice dinner together and chatted with our family.

We have a very talented musician in our family.  Bailey played us some Christmas tunes on her flute and tuba.  The songs put everyone in the Christmas spirit. Mia took quite a liking to the tuba and Bailey was nice enough to let her try it out.

Merry Christmas Eve from our family!!

Some of my views from the evening.  The snow was so pretty and we were excited for a White Christmas.

The cousins had fun playing skee ball, the instruments, and skyping with Uncle Ry Ry in California who hosted his own Christmas Eve celebration.  We missed him and Nicole this year but it was nice to skype with them.  Kayla loved walking around with GiGi's purse, phone and keys and telling everyone she was going byebye.  She loves to do that when she goes to their house.

Each cousin sat on the gift opening chair from youngest to oldest to open their Christmas gifts.  Kayla's faces were priceless and she would whisper "'oh my gosh" when she opened her gifts.  

The four of us on Christmas Eve. Kayla is not much into picture taking these days.

We came home and got ready for Christmas Day.  Daddy read "The Night Before Christmas" like he always does and we lit our bayberry candle.  Mia and Kayla picked out some cookies for Santa and some carrots for the reindeer.  They helped pour some milk and write a note to Santa.  Then it was time to spread the reindeer food on our lawn and off to bed we went!

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