Monday, December 8, 2014

OBX {2014}

We took a trip back to OBX at the end of the summer with our friends.  We stayed at the OBXscape this year which was the house right next to the one we stayed at last year.  We love going to Bethany in the summer and coming here.  Each are different ways to vacation!

We love the location and the kids love going back and forth from the beach to the pool each day.  

After we get unpacked and settled, first on the agenda is Mr. Steve laying out the week's rules.  The kids listen intently and are really good at following the rules and making sure their friends do the same and everyone stays safe.

After rule ceremony... group hug!  And then it's time to have fun and make memories together.  This week is full of...


and pirates (and their parents)

all having fun together in the ocean on the raft,


spending hours and hours in the pool,

happy hours on the beach,

baggo tournaments,

lots of diving competitions,

ice sculpture treasures,

relaxing in the hot tub,

water balloon toss on the beach

celebrating Ben's birthday,

having fun playing games, puzzles and dress up in the house.

boggie boarding,

cannon balls,

and lots and lots of OBX water fun!

And believe it or not, 12 kids in one house is not only super fun, but relaxing too!  The kids always have someone to play with and they get along great.  They have very full&fun days which leads to sleepy kiddos who need their rest.  Moms can kick up their feet...

and the dads get to rest & relax too!

One night after all the kids were in bed we had a crab feast!

On our last night we had an award ceremony for our beach buddies!

We just LOVE this vacation and look forward to it every year!  We're already booked for OBX 2015!

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