Friday, December 5, 2014

Back to School!

In preparation for back to school we made a homework caddy out of a garage sale find.  It's come in handy!

We also put together some back to school teacher gifts.

Mia decided that she wanted to go through mommy's old first grade papers to see what first grade was all about.  She loved looking at all of the worksheets and artwork.  I couldn't believe my mom and dad saved all of these!

Mia was all smiles and very excited for her first day!  She loves riding the bus and was ready to go back after a fun summer.

She had a great first day with her new teacher and classmates.  She loves school so much she now wants to be a teacher.

We anxiously got her off the bus and loved hearing about each detail of her first day of first grade!  Her excitement about first grade helps lessen our worries.

Kayla's first day of 4s preschool went so well!  She was so excited to be back at school.  She goes to school 3 full days a week and has different teachers and classmates in the morning and afternoon.  She loves meeting new friends and enjoys circle time, crafts, recess and snack.

We celebrated back to school with a special dinner!

We love that our little learners love school and are so proud of their growth as students!!

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