Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mia's new smile

Mia has been excited about her wiggly tooth for months.  Her front four teeth have been a little loose since the fall.  The bottom two really started to get loose and the wiggling by Mia began.  Mia was both nervous and excited to lose her first tooth.  On February 24th mommy was checking on Mia's tooth and it came right out!  Mia didn't even feel it come out!  She was so excited and just couldn't believe it had finally come out!  She put it in a special container to keep it safe so she could show her family and friends.
She was so excited about her first lost tooth that she wrote a letter to the tooth fairy requesting to keep her tooth.  She put her tooth in the tooth pocket of her pillow, hung her pillow on the doorknob and placed the letter with her pillow.

When she woke up in the morning she couldn't believe the tooth fairy had come and left not only a sparkly dollar for her but also her tooth to keep.  She's been flashing her new smile and is very proud of it!

We kept a record to remember her first lost tooth!

The next week she lost her second tooth!  This tooth she lost at school.  She was excited to go to the nurse and get a little treasure box to keep her tooth in.  

We love your new toothless smile Mia!

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