Sunday, April 20, 2014

First Time Mouseketeers!

It all started with a mouse... :) LOVE this so much!!!!!
       This past fall we went on a surprise family trip to Disney World!  We planned this special trip a year in advance and the secret was kept from the little Minnies until the morning we woke them up to go to the airport!  Their (sleepy) expressions were priceless!  Mia and Kayla were extra excited to learn that GiGi and Bear were coming along too!  We had a fun time planning the magical week full of everything they love.

Little did the girls know that they would be awoken bright and early the next morning
to go to Disney World!

The girls woke up to their favorite plush princesses and an invitation inviting them to a royal celebration in Disney World!  This was Mia and Kayla's first trip to Disney and their first airplane ride!

disney1 from tara durham on Vimeo.

disney2 from tara durham on Vimeo.

I dont know why but i think this is really cool and really well done.

They couldn't wait to spend the week meeting the princesses they love so much!

And so our magical adventure began..............


Kristen and Chad said...

So magical!! The videos are priceless!! And where did they get those plush princesses? M would love them!

Tara said...

Soon it will be your family in Disney! Very excited for you all!! They are from the Disney store.. I think she would love them too!

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