Monday, February 3, 2014

Christmas Morning

When the girls woke on Christmas morning they were anxious to come downstairs.  They came downstairs and were surprised to see Georgie the elf!  She had written the girls a nice letter about how much she enjoyed spending the holiday with them and was going to stay with them one more day to spend Christmas day with them.  Mia read the letter Santa left and checked on the goodies her and Kayla left the night before.

Kayla spotted the "real wooden guitar" that topped Mia's wish list this year and couldn't wait to bring it to her!  Both Mia and Kayla were so excited about the guitar!

Mia, the performer.  Some of her favorite gifts this year included a Barbie microphone set, karaoke machine, and dress up accessories.

Kayla loved to find the "baby with a binky'' that she wished for.  Some of her favorites this year included Sofia and Frozen dolls and books, a princess read aloud book set, and a keyboard.

We spent the morning watching the girls open their fun presents.  It's always fun to see their excitement.  They also exchanged presents with each other that they picked and wrapped themselves.

It wasn't long until M & K were transformed into princesses, pop stars and doctors and they got right into character.

They were excited to see their very own market that mommy and Bear made for them.  (Thanks dad!!) We made the sign in chalkboard paint so their market could be easily transformed into a puppet theater, veterinarian office, etc. and they got accessories for Christmas for those too.  We're excited to see their imagination go wild with this!

Kayla got right to shopping!

I think daddy might have enjoyed the new karaoke machine more than anyone.

RyRy, GiGi and Bear came over too on Christmas morning and we all exchanged presents and enjoyed breakfast casseroles together.  It was a magical morning with our greatest gifts.

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