Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

We enjoyed a nice and relaxing Thanksgiving at GiGi and Bear's house with our family.

Mia helped make the chocolate peanut butter pie and green bean casserole.

GiGi and Mia made cute placecards using apples, bugles, and cereal for the tables.

Mom and Dad made a delicious dinner and everyone's side dishes were yummy.

We wrote down what we are thankful for on our Thanksgiving tablecloth and enjoyed reading our entries from past years.

Kayla sure is thankful for her Geeg!

K enjoyed the Thanksgiving feast. 

The kids had fun making their own teepee's using ice cream cones, pretzel sticks, icing and toppings.

A one eye closed smile big sister and little sister trying to escape from the picture...
the adventures in photoshoots...
one day we will miss this stuff!

We have so much to be thankful for and these two little girls remind us of that everyday.

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