Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Craft {#1}

We made a list of Christmas crafts we wanted to try this December.  The first one I made was a felt tree for the girls.  Idea HERE.  I made this for them one day during nap time so it was ready to be played with once they woke up.  They were very excited!

My house will be a mess this December and the laundry will pile up...
 but we will have fun together Christmas crafting!

I printed some bows and ornaments off the computer and then used them as guides.  I free handed the tree.

They have been doing a nice job sharing the tree and decorating together.

Kayla enjoys this one even more than Mia does.  If you know Kayla, then you know she doesn't sit still or do any activity for very long.  When she is quiet, it usually isn't a good thing.  But now when she's quiet I sometimes find her here!

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Pretopapa Pages said...

this is so cute! I was thinking of making one for Lucia, and now am inspired to! YOu will have to give me easy durections :)

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