Saturday, October 2, 2010

From Rainy to Sunny...

Thursday was a very rainy day... one of those days where we stayed in our pajamas. all. day. long.

All 3 of us girls are getting over a cold so we needed something to brighten the day, and our moods.

I started planning some fall theme days for us and thought Thursday would be a great day for....sunflowers! Usually I find many of our ideas online and adapt them for a toddler but I had a hard time finding sunflower ideas so we made up our own.

We started by reading this book.
We then had a pajama photo shoot in the sunflower hair accessories I made the girls for fall.
Sunflower Snack- We used a muffin cup, raisins, granola, and a banana.
We did some sunflower coloring.
We finished by making these yummy sunflower cookies.
Look who is staying awake for our theme days!
These two can turn any rainy day into a sunny one...

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