Sunday, October 3, 2010

From the Mouth of Mia

(I was talking to Jason on the phone)
Mia- "Tara, Is that Jason?"

Mommy- "Mia, If you are going to help me cook dinner, then you need to listen to mommy."
Mia- "Ok, and no cryin, no complainin, no screamin, no jumpin."

(Mia dropped a grape under the kitchen table)
Mia- "Wook. I drop a grape. Donnn worry mommy. Birds will eat it."

Mia- "More meatballs mommy. Share meatballs Evie? No, Evie eat puffs. Mia eat meatballs."

Mia- "Mommy, Kayla got the hippos (hiccups)."

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