Monday, January 12, 2015

Christmas Candylane

Right after Thanksgiving our elf Georgie arrived and brought with him some exciting holiday news to welcome the Christmas season.

Along with some of her friends, Georgie towed a box with a surprise inside.

Inside the box were matching pajamas for the girls and their dolls and a Hershey bar.  We had the girls guess what that could mean and they eventually came to the conclusion that we were taking an overnight trip to Hershey!  We were going to Christmas Candylane for the weekend.

They were excited on our travels and loved getting to the hotel.  These two girls love to visit new places and really enjoy staying over in different hotels.

It was our first visit to Hotel Hershey and it is beautiful.

After we checked in they held our luggage until our room was ready and we began our adventure.................

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