Thursday, December 11, 2014

Soccer Stars

Mia and Kayla both had super soccer seasons this fall.  They were in two different age groups on two different teams but ended up with the same colored team shirts.  

Kayla's team (The Flash Monsters) was coached by Coach Korissa.  Kayla loved having Evie and Trent on her team and her neighbor Owen.  Kayla loved practice and loved going to practice and games but got a little nervous once the games started.  She happily played every game but was scared to touch the ball.  

Kayla loved seeing preschool and neighborhood friends on all the teams during practice and games.

Mia's team (The Cobras) was coached by Coach Aric and Coach Lisa.  As the season went on Mia got more and more aggressive and into the game.  She prefers defense over offense.  As a defender she was great at  taking the ball away from her opponent and clearing the ball.

Right before one of Mia's games this season...

this happened!!

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