Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Our little pumpkins had a fun October celebrating Halloween!

GiGi and I got to see Kayla at her fall festival at school.  She loved singing songs with her classmates, making crafts and sharing a fall snack.

I had a fun time helping with Mia's Halloween centers in the morning and we all were able to see her march in her Halloween parade.

We all had a fun time at Mia's school's Halloween dance.  The girls loved dancing in their costumes to their favorite songs with their friends!  It was such a cute idea for the kids.

We went over to the Stricker's house for our annual pumpkin carving party.  It was a fun night as always and we carved our Olaf there!  The girls (and all the kids that came to our house) love Olaf and gave him hugs!

After a lot of ideas Mia and Kayla decided on a sweetheart princess and angel for their Halloween costumes this year!  They loved their costumes and still wear them.  They both were so looking forward to trick or treating.

This Halloween was extra special since our cousin Hank came up from Virginia and came trick or treating with us!  It was nice to have a lot of our family over on Halloween night.

Jason and I went over to Lisa and Tim's for a great Halloween party.  We made Peter Pan and Tinkerbell costumes this year and as soon as Kayla saw her daddy she just had to put her Tinkerbell costume on!

Halloween is a favorite around here and we all had a spooktacular holiday!

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