Friday, October 10, 2014

Staying cool at the pool

The three of us spent many days at our local pool this summer!  These two girls can swim for hours and hours.  They enjoyed swimming around with their friends on our hot summer days.

One of their most favorite pool activities was diving for diving sticks.  They couldn't get enough of this game!

Kayla had a first at the pool this summer.... She went down the slide and swam to the side for the first time!  This was the first of many many rides down the slide for her.

Kayla goes down the slide for the first time from tara durham on Vimeo.

Mia goes off the diving board for the first time from tara durham on Vimeo.

Mia had a first too!  This is her first time off the diving board!  She really enjoyed the diving board this summer.

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