Sunday, October 5, 2014

4th of July

We look forward to spending the week over the 4th of July in Bethany Beach every year.  We enjoyed a fun filled & festive 4th with GiGi and Bear!

Stars and stripes forever......

Sunskissed sisters wrapping up a long beach day!

Crab fest with family and friends!

He's a keeper!

Patriotic and proud.

On a beach scavenger hunt.

Kayla loved this sand crab and spent the day with him.  She named him Melon.

Melon's family!

Lots of fun with GiGi

and Bear!

Games on the porch

Date afternoon to watch USA in the World Cup.

On the trolley to the beach.

Beach girl on the boardwalk

Catching fish!

Morning fishing on the beach

Lots of wave jumping

Concerts on the boardwalk with our Elsas

Soaking in the ocean views

Mommy's little sparklers

Mia helping daddy fish

Beach waves

Sisters down the shore

The fishing beach!

Shell necklaces

Shore smiles

My beach girls!

Playing catch

Lazy river

Water slides

And splashes

Warming up after the water park.

Lots of ocean time with daddy.

Kayla met a new friend

Mini golf

The fourth of July vacation wouldn't be complete without...

fireworks and glow sticks!

A great family beach vacation!!

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