Thursday, August 28, 2014

Party like a rockstar!

Our little rockstars celebrated their 4th and 6th birthdays with a backyard concert complete with their family & friends and a dj to play their favorite dance songs.  Thank you to everyone for making their birthday party ROCK!

These two just love to sing and dance so it wasn't a surprise when they chose the rockstar theme for their birthday party.

All the little rockstars needed a microphone, star sunglasses and rockstar bracelets so they could dance in style at the concert.

It wasn't long before our little rockstar transformed herself into Tinkerbell for the day!  Outfit changes are her specialty!

The kids had fun making their own backstage vip passes for the concert.

K & K

Nothing better than your family and friends celebrating & dancing in the backyard!

Dance, dance, dance! 
Happy birthday to our rockstars!

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