Monday, June 23, 2014

School's out for Summer!

Kayla just loved preschool!  If she had it her way she'd go everyday and ride the bus to get there.  She adored her teachers this year, Mrs. G and Mrs. Montgomery.  Some of her favorite parts of school were... learning about the weather, circle time, craft time, outdoor play, the phone, doll, and kitchen centers and singing songs.  She's already looking forward to her 4's preschool year.

Mia had an awesome kindergarten year.  Some of her highlights of kindergarten were... riding the bus, reading books, specials, recess, math, snack, and doing work with Mrs. O.  She said, "I really just loved almost everything!''  She adored her teacher, Mrs. O so much that when we got her off the bus on the last day of school she was crying because she already missed her.  She told us she wants Mrs. O to be part of our family.  We think the year flew by and are so proud of the way she adjusted and grew in kindergarten.  She's already telling people that she's a first grader!

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