Tuesday, May 27, 2014


M and K woke up on Easter morning and the first thing they did was check on the carrots they left for the bunny.  They saw the bunny enjoyed their carrots and also saw their first scavenger hunt clue.

And off they were in search of the clues that would lead them to their baskets.

This year was different since Mia could read the clues aloud herself.

They had fun on their hunt and enjoyed all their Easter treats that the bunny left!

After the scavenger hunt we had breakfast... Make your own cinnamon bun(ny)!

The girls created their breakfast bunnies, ate breakfast and then we went in the backyard for the egg hunt.

In their eggs were treats, treasures

and some fun activities for the girls to do together.  We got ready to celebrate Easter with more family.

Our first stop was GiGi and Bear's house where we met RyRy and Nicole.  The bunny came to visit the girls here too.

We then went out to a nice lunch with Great Mom-Mom and the Webers.  We went to Great Mom-Mom's house for the egg hunt, dessert and the egg decorating contest.

The sp-egg-tacular egg creations that our family made!!! Presenting... the bride and groom, Beatles band, mustache man, baseball egg, camoflauge eggs, flamingo egg, earrings egg, and beach bum egg.

It was really fun to see and hear about how everyone decorated their eggs.

Our last stop was to the McConnells for some cousin fun and another egg hunt!

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