Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Disney Day 5

Today we were

Matchy Minnies!

We spent the morning and afternoon at Magic Kingdom on day 5.

We made sure to take in all of the sights as our trip was coming to an end.

We loved all the fall Disney decor.

We went on the Pirates of Caribbean ride.

We saw a pirate performance.

Then, we went to our appointment at the Harmony Barber Shop for the girls to get a pixie dust ponytail.  M and K thought this was so fun!

The girls' ponytails were ready for the parade! We loved all of the Disney parades.

We went on the teacups. 

M and K


Merida today!  They loved getting to shoot the bow and arrow.  

We left Magic Kingdom and went to Epcot.  There we ate a delicious dinner right by the aquarium at Coral Reef restaurant.  The girls loved watching all the fish swim by to say hi.  GiGi and Bear toured the food and wine festival this night.

Shark attack!

After dinner we walked around Epcot and the food and wine festival and the girls loved listening to all the different bands.  We stayed for the fireworks light show too!

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