Friday, March 21, 2014

Read to Bean!

Mia's love of reading has really increased since starting kindergarten.  She loves bringing books home from school to read to us.  One day in February Mia came running to us after she got off the bus, holding a paper she got from school about a library event that night.  She told us that tonight at the library was "Read to Bean'' night, an event where kids come to read to therapy dogs.  She told us we just had to go.  She picked out a book, practiced it and told us to register.  

Kayla got excited about the event too and grabbed the keys and we were off.

When we got to the library we met Bean!  There were also two other dogs there that night.  Both girls enjoyed petting the dogs and reading books to them.  They had so much fun we went back to 'Read to Bean' this month.

The girls even made the local news station!

Read to Bean from tara durham on Vimeo.

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