Monday, March 31, 2014

First dance recital

After lots of practice and hard work, Mia and Kayla's first recital day had come!

The girl struck a few poses before we left.

Once we got to the venue the girls went with their classes to practice and get ready to perform.  The next time we saw them they were on stage!

For as nervous as Mia was the months leading up to the recital, when she got on stage it looked like this was something she did everyday!  She loved performing and dancing.  She was all smiles as she danced with her class and made sure to strike her poses and bow at the end.  She is all the way to the right looking at this picture.

You can see Kayla in the top picture fourth from the right looking for us.  She spent some time trying to find us in the crowd and the rest of the time dancing!  She couldn't believe how many people were there watching.  Both Mia and Kayla performed a tap routine and a ballet routine.

After the girls' performances were over they came and sat with us to watch the rest of the recital. They enjoyed seeing all the different classes perform and they especially enjoyed the instructor's dance performance.  For the finale, all the dancers came together to perform as a dance company.  Mia is on the far right of this picture and Kayla is in the middle in the front row.  They both had such a fun day at their first dance recital!  We were so proud!  Once Mia saw the hippity hop class perform she decided to add hip hop to her schedule so she'll add a hip hip routine to her next recital this spring.

Kayla couldn't stop smelling her flowers.  Both girls were very proud and excited about their new flowers.  Mia was very excited when she heard about the flower tradition after dance recitals.  They couldn't wait to get them home to put them in water and vases.  They enjoyed having them at home for the next week.

After the recital we all went out to lunch to celebrate the wonderful performance.  When we got home we watched the recital video footage over and over and the girls continued to dance all day.  

Way to go M and K! We loved watching you dance away!

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