Friday, February 14, 2014

Weekend Getaway

We spent the weekend with the Andrews family at a cozy spot in Lancaster.

The kids loved doing some indoor swimming in the winter!

These four could spend all day in the water!

After swimming we went back to our adjoining suites.  These four had a fun time playing, coloring and making bracelets together.  After they played, it was time for bed.

In the morning we enjoyed a breakfast together.

Then we went to the Lancaster Science Factory. This was our first visit and we were really impressed.

The sand spirograph was Mia and mommy's favorite attraction.  Mia also liked building a bridge with Tommy and Jake.

Kayla just loved the magformers and played here a lot of the day.  She also liked the ''create a water dam'' attraction.

There was so much for these little scientific minds to build, analyze and explore.  All the kids and parents too had fun here!

Fun for hours!

We're looking forward to a return visit for more science fun.

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