Monday, January 13, 2014

Eat cookies, drink, and be merry!

One of our favorite holiday traditions is hosting a Christmas cookie exchange party for our family and friends.  We've been doing this exchange for years and it's a fun way to get into the holiday spirit, spread cheer and share cookies.  Even Georgie our elf got into the cookie spirit this year!

Our little hostesses were very excited for this party and helped with the planning and preparation.  Then they got dressed in their red and dressed their babies to match!

Our littlest reindeer was very excited for this year's party!  Her and her sister and quite the little hostesses and love parties!

Soon the cookie monsters and their mommies and some daddies began to arrive.  The girls were so excited to see them they had to greet them outside with drawings.

The kids had a fun time having lunch together, dressing up and playing in the playroom.  

They also played a fun game of pin the nose on the snowman!

The ladies had fun catching up too!

Friends for over 20 years!

Then it was time for games, prizes and the gift exchange.  This year's gift exchange game was called "Love and laughter during the holidays".  Each gift had either a holiday joke or an answer to the joke taped on it and they had to be matched up!

Next it was time to exchange these delicious Christmas cookies.  Every year these ladies make the most unique and delicious cookies!

The cookie exchange party wouldn't be complete without a visit from Santa himself!  The kids were excited to hear the bells ring and see Santa come downstairs!  They sat on his lap and received a little gift from Santa.

The joy on these little reindeer's faces is what makes the season so special!!

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