Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lehigh Valley Zoo

We packed up our lil animals and headed to the...


 We began our day by visiting the penguins.

Then we spotted some of the cutest animals there...

We checked out some more animals together...

Then we did some feeding.

And Mia was excited to spot her favorite animals... zebras!!

Lucas did some sightseeing!

Then it was time for our feeding.

We ended our wildly fun day by playing on the playground.

Before we left we learned a fun fact about the penguins.  To make sure each penguin gets fed they keep track of the penguins by making each wear a unique bracelet.  We donated money to the zoo and our little penguins got to make their own unique bracelet to remember their day by.

Our Zoo Crew!
We had a Grrrrrreat day together!
The kids were excited about the animals but even more excited about whose stroller they were riding in or pushing ;)

Zoo mommies

Our kids want to remind you to...

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