Friday, May 3, 2013

Mia's first soccer game

Mia has played soccer a few times before but this was her first game.  She was excited and practiced with daddy in our yard before we left.

We were excited to cheer her on.

Kayla was Mia's biggest fan.  She sat eagerly and cheered Mia on from the sidelines.  She would give her a thumbs up every time Mia looked over to us and she yelled "Go Mia!" and "Go Blue!"

Mia warmed up and got ready to play!

Go Mia!

GiGi and Bear came to cheer Mia on too.

Mia has decided that for now she prefers practice where not so many people are watching.  We're proud of our soccer star and happy she is having fun this season.
Go Team Blue!

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