Friday, May 10, 2013

Family Fishing

Daddy took all of us to his favorite fishing spot.  This was the first time Kayla and Mommy went.

M and K got their rain boots on and off we went. The girls were excited for the whole family to go fishing together.  

Daddy and his two keepers all ready to fish.

Here fishy fishy.  
Every fish that we caught Kayla told us "that is my favorite kind." (They were all the same kind.) 
She also told us she wanted to eat them right after we caught one.  The girls thought it was so cool that they got to dip their toes into the creek.

After some fishing they decided it was break time.  They watched daddy fish while they ate some cracker fishies and grapes.

Mia and Kayla took a time out from fishing to write about their trip in their journal.   We fished for two hours and had a really nice peaceful time.  

Then it was back to fishing!  
He's our best catch.
We're not going to throw him back!

After a few fishing trips we had a fish bake.  Trout is one of our favorite fish to eat.  Jason cooks it with butter, lemon and onions and his famous potatoes!

With the leftover trout from our trout bake we made trout tacos.  We used small tortillas, trout, salsa, guacamole, chopped cucumbers, chopped pineapple and cilantro.  

We don't have anymore fish left in the freezer so it's back to the creek we'll go!

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