Monday, March 11, 2013

Winter Wonderland Party

We threw a winter wonderland party on a Saturday morning for Mia and Kayla's friends.  We called it Snowflake Saturday.

Party prep is always interesting with Kayla.  She loves to help.  Here she is showing me that socks can be used as mittens too.

The girls wore their snowman shirts and as usual Kayla was too busy for a picture.

We prepared some snow themed centers for the kids to play in.

Lucky for us it snowed the night before so the kids got to play with some real snow inside in the water table. The kids had a fun time making their crafts together.

A cozy fire kept us all warm. Everyone brought a favorite dish and we shared a yummy brunch together.

the mamarazzi.

The kids had a really nice time playing together and got along great. 

 Lots of littles making lots of memories makes lots of mommies happy :)

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