Tuesday, March 26, 2013

MK Market

      We spent a lot of time inside this winter.  We are always looking for different ways to stay entertained and engaged.  We got a delivery in this large brown box and I knew it was just the right size for our girls.  I brought it in the family room and Mia decided that a Market was what she wanted to make it into.  Kayla and Mia named the market after their initials.  They decorated it with some old paintings and markers and crayons. They use special keys that open and close their market.  If you come to visit us, hopefully you will come on a day where the market is open.  The girls like to close it a lot.  They keep their cash register right next to their market and always keep bags for shopping on hand.  What they sell and their prices change hourly.  Some of their best selling items are books, stuffed animals, food, and homemade drawings.  Kayla takes a lot of breaks while working and can often be found reading in the market.

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