Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Christmas Day

The girls played with their new toys for a while and then we all got changed and ready to head to New Jersey for another Christmas celebration with our family.  Before we left Mia and Kayla put their new shovels to good use and cleared off what was left of the snow.

When we arrived Mia wanted to put on a concert for Mum Mum and Pup Pup.

Everyone arrived and it was great to catch up and see everyone.  The cousins loved playing together.  Pup Pup taught Michael how to make the mashed potatoes.  They were delicious Michael!

  Pup Pup started the dinner with a prayer. 
 Mum Mum and PupPup cooked a delicious meal for everyone to share.

We had our annual secret santa gift exchange with the kids and the adults and enjoyed some more family time.

This year Joseph shopped at school for his family.  The middle picture shows Mia excitement and appreciation about the cool new cup and straw set Joseph got for her! These six cousins love to play together.

Mia and Joseph ended the night with a concert in their pajamas... songs, dances and jokes. 
What a wonderful Christmas day we had!

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