Friday, January 25, 2013

A BU Christmas

The Pretopapas hosted a Christmas pajama party for our Bloomsburg families.  The little ones looked so cute and cozy in their pajamas and had fun playing in the playroom together.  Kayla was under the weather so Jason stayed home with her.

As usual everyone brought a yummy dish to share and we had a fun and relaxing evening celebrating the holiday.  

The kids had fun Christmas crafting together.  They made some reindeer food, holiday masks, and cute little snowman ornaments.

Love these girls!  I am thankful for our close friendship and the funny text sessions that keep us laughing.

We each picked a name and had an ornament exchange.  Everyone got a beautiful personalized ornament for their tree.  It will be nice to continue this tradition year after year.

Thanks to the Pretopapas for hosting this wonderful Christmas get together.  And for having us over extra long after I locked my keys in the car:) 

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