Thursday, November 8, 2012

Trick or Treat

The girls, especially Mia, were really into Halloween this year.  There was no doubt in Mia's mind as to what she wanted to dress up as.  We gave her costume magazines to look through and she always picked out "Aurora", her favorite princess who wears her favorite color.  She also wanted to make sure her costume had Aurora's picture on it.  Kayla on the other hand changed her mind almost daily.  We got out Mia's old cow costume and she liked wearing that around the house.  Then I found a diy strawberry costume online and showed her that and she liked that.  Some days she wanted to be pizza, a princess, and a binky.  She ended up as a strawberry.


her princess poses...


The costume was simple and inexpensive to make.  We already had the red tutu, red hat, legwarmers, bow and onesie.  I just added the green tutu, green stem and black strawberry seeds.

She was proud to show everyone she was dressed up, but spent most of the night ripping her stem off.

Our berry sweet strawberry....

Kelly and Aunt Michele came to see the girls before they left.  They brough them some Halloween goodies which the girls loved. 

GiGi came over with some Halloween treats and she answered the door while we went trick or treating.  Thanks Geeg!

It was a chilly night so we bundled the princess and the strawberry up and went out to trick or treat.  We met up with some neighbors and the kids wanted to hot every house in the three cul de sacs in our neighborhood.  They had a great time trick or treating together.  Then we came home and the girls liked answering the door, seeing all the costumes and handing out candy.

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