Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sesame Place

The Andrews family invited us to come along to Sesame Place with them (thanks!).  We had never been there and were excited to take the girls.  We were really excited for Kayla since she really LOVES the Sesame Street characters.  The girls didn't have any Sesame Street clothes so I took an old shirt and pajamas (thanks Alesha and Mandy) and made them some new shirts and hair clippies for the fun day.  Kayla wants to wear her new shirt everyday and every night to bed now.

There was so much to see and do... the girls didn't know what to do first.

We went to see a fun show featuring the characters.  The kids enjoyed dancing along.

We took a break from the rides to meet some of the characters.

Kayla was happy to meet Big Bird.

Mia loved meeting her favorite character Abby Cadabby!

K was excited to see Elmo... until he started to move.  Then she was out of there.

Somehow Mia managed to talk Kayla into one more visit but she didn't want to get too close.

The big kids always wanted to ride the high and fast rides.

After the rides we cooled off at the water park.

We ended the day with a great parade!

Thanks Andrews family!

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