Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Back to School

Mia's second year of preschool is off to a great start!  She goes 3 days a week for two and a half hours and some days she stays from 9-3.  She is sometimes a little nervous in the morning but is all smiles when we go to pick her up.  We love hearing about her school adventures and she loves to tell us about her day, sing us new songs and show us the crafts she makes.

We made her teacher a back to school gift...a pencil holder out of a cup and colored pencils.  It didn't go quite as planned so we covered up our mistakes with some ribbon and a nice big flower :)

Kayla was excited to see her sister off to school but not excited when we didn't bring her home with us.  All morning she told me "Go find Mia."

All smiles for the camera!? Only because they were holding these.....

Proud mommy, nervous Mia, silly Kayla.

Mia's first packed lunch!  She helped me pack it, now we are just working on her eating all of it ;)

Our school girl!

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