Monday, September 20, 2010


Dear Mia,

It's been three weeks now since you have been in your 'biggirlbed' (you think it's one word). The transition has been easier than we thought with a couple of tricky nap days. On your third day in the bed I put you down for a nap and got in the shower. When I got out of the shower you had gotten out of your bed, opened your bedroom door, knocked down the gate at your bedroom door and climbed into your old crib which is now raised up for Kayla. I took one look at you and we both couldn't stop were so proud of yourself and I couldn't believe what you had done. We made some adjustments to you room and bedtime routine after your escape and so far so good. Daddy and I love to lay in bed with you, tuck you in, talk about your day and read you books before bedtime...but we can't believe our little girl is in that big bed.

Your bedtime routine... We get your in your pajamas and talk about what we did that day and what we have planned for tomorrow. We let you know that it is almost time for bed. Sometimes you like to watch a few minutes of Barney before you head up to bed. Some nights you get your bath before bed. Usually daddy puts you to bed but sometimes mommy does. We take you upstairs and brush your teeth and then we go into your room. We get some books from your basket and climb into your bed. You like to prolong going to bed and want us to read every book that is in the basket to you. We read your favorite books and then add in a few new ones. When we are done reading we turn on your sound machine/nighlight and twilight turtle. You like to go through each light of your twilight turtle before choosing the color you'd like on for that night. You like to sleep with your blankie, woobie, and 2 binkies. You tell us to "lay down" and point to where you want us to lay. Sometimes we lay with you. We kiss you goodnight, tell you we love you and tell you we'll see you in the morning. You kiss us and tell us you love us and that you'll wait until "Mommy gets you" when you wake up. Some nights you lay right down and go to sleep and others you cry for a little and then fall asleep. Most nights your bedtime routine goes smoothly but others, not so much. If you have a really hard time going to sleep we call for backup. Laying down with your little sister usually does the trick.

Sweet Dreams...

Mommy, Daddy and Kayla xoxo

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