Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Dutch Wonderful Day

On Saturday we went to Dutch Wonderland with 3 little princesses... Reese, Mia, and Kayla. We were happy that GiGi and Bear and Alicia and Chris and Reese joined us! There were so many rides for the little ones to enjoy. It was a beautiful day and the little girls (and us) had so much fun.

Bear was excited to take Mia on some of her first rides!
Kayla enjoyed a ride too...her stroller ride. Soon she'll be big enough to go on some real rides.
Little aquamarine
Ready, Set, Ride
First Ride- The Purple Car
Horsing Around
Watching the 'Princess and the Frog' show
Ribbit Ribbit
Kayla's second ride...The Baby Hawk ride with daddy
The 4 of us
Mia and Reesey
The Mitchells plus a Mia
Awake and checking everything out
Mom -n- Kay

Water Park
Double Trouble
Such a fun day...
We ended our day by feeding the ducks.

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